Lee Richter

Lee Richter, CEO of, is an award-winning, dynamic business innovator and a visionary recognized for the 7th consecutive year by the San Francisco Business Times as one of their Top 100 Women Business Leaders in 2019. For more than 25 years, she has launched a dozen successful businesses in the financial, education and lifestyle sectors. Her unique vision and drive revolutionize business as her companies produce hundreds of jobs, educate tens of thousands of people and make millions in revenue.

Lee has been working with happiness experts for many years and is her passion project she shares with the world.

She brought happiness science to her team in 2010. By bringing happiness science into her workplace, the dynamic of the team has improved and the business as a whole has grown. In 2015, Lee spoke on sharing happiness in the business place at the prestigious Business Expert Forum, hosted at the Harvard Faculty club by the Entrepreneurship Students Club of Harvard Business School.

"It is my passion and delight to bring happiness science to business leaders and entrepreneurs so they can have a positive and happy impact on their entire community. It is such a joy to share such a valuable message with incredible leaders like this." -- Lee Richter.

Karolina Koppany

Karolina is an award winning innovative teacher, consultant, and happiness researcher, recognized in the East Bay Area as Teacher of the Year, 2015. For more than six years, she has been exploring different methods and practices to bring authentic happiness into people’s lives, and has been sharing her happiness with the children in her classrooms. From an early age, Karolina had dreamed of a career where she could use her natural ability to empathize with others and help kids learn, discover, and acquire knowledge.

Although she has a BA in Communication and Business, and an MS in International Marketing, she considers herself a life-long learner, and after completing these degrees, she enrolled again in graduate school to obtain an MAT in Education and Counseling. Karolina believes that teaching is the most rewarding job in the world and gives her a sense that she is making the world a better place one student at a time. She believes ...“The goal for every teacher is to help children thrive academically, socially and emotionally. I want my students to be curious, to have concern for others, to have a growth mindset, and not just be skilled, but also alert and open to new opportunities and to take risks. But, we cannot forget that we all have to feel cared for and happy to learn. This is the core!”

Karolina is a native of Hungary, and goes to Budapest as often as possible to visit her mother, who is the managing partner of a major international law firm based in Budapest. Karolina loves traveling the world, spending time with her mother and younger brother Oliver, friends, and connecting and meeting new people. In her free time, she loves spending time by the ocean, reading, dancing, but most of all, learning and experiencing new adventures.

Karolina moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in August of 2014, and had the pleasure of teaching Lee Richter’s daughter, 11-year old Abbey. It was through this experience that the two of them connected, and Karolina is thrilled to be collaborating with Lee at Richter Communications to raise awareness about sharing happiness and making a positive impact on the world.