How we can all be happier at work

Most people we meet assume that if anyone on the planet is happy at work, it will be us here at People assume that since our company helps people find more meaning and joy in their lives that we must be happy at all times. Well, they couldn’t be further from the truth. To be happier at work we have simply learned to become intentional about it, and to make it a conscious daily choice. It is the same as making the decision to live a healthy lifestyle, focus on daily gratitude, or to make the time to do one thing a day that makes us happier. The exciting news is that there is a growing body of research that proves that there are a few things we can all do to be happier and more productive at work.


We suggest you start the day on a positive note. How you feel in the morning affects how you feel at work for the rest of the day. In one study, researchers analyzed the moods and performance of customer service representatives. The results proved that 23% of the individuals were more productive during the day and reported having more positive interactions with customers when they started the day with a positive mindset. Fascinating, right?


One of the hardest aspects of any job can be the number of decisions we have to make everyday, often with little or incomplete information. We have learned that “decision fatigue” is real and each decision depletes your cognitive resources. What does all this mean? It simply means that more decisions you have to make, the more exhausted and run down you will feel. We recommend that you put some decision making on autopilot. Have your outfits and meals planned out for the week can make a tremendous impact on the amount of decisions you have to make everyday. In addition, how about you decide which day(s) you are going to go to the gym? Most importantly, plan a fun night out during the week with a friend. It will be something to look forward to especially if you have a long week ahead. Once you have made all of these decisions, stick to them and follow through!


Did you know that helping others makes you happier at work? Research proves that being kind to your co-workers can create a virtuous cycle; according to a scientific study recently published, we learned that happier workers help their colleagues 33% more than those who aren’t happy. We are not asking you to think of anything huge or heroic. Simply, one day, grab your colleague’s favorite beverage when you get your coffee. Another day, ask them if they need help on a specific project. Start by something simple such as offering to type up someone’s notes after a meeting. The tougher part is making this a regular part of your day instead of something you do only once in a while. We recommend you have a simple reminder to do this by putting a reminder on your calendar. It may sound cheesy, but give it a shot. You might be surprised at how effective this small habit can become. Feel free to call it something that makes you smile, like “Time to be awesome!”


We would love to hear some of your tips and strategies on how to be happier at work!:)

How we can all be happier at work
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